The Fabulous Fajita & How It Began

How do you celebrate National Fajita Day on August 18? Mexicali Blues spends a little time digging into the history of this delicious dish to share in today's blog. You simply need to take a trip to the best Mexican restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks and order up a skillet full of this very popular menu item. 

What is a Fajita?
This is the dish that you hear coming to the table before you see it! Served on a hot, sizzling skillet, the sound of the grilled meat, onions, and peppers on the skillet alerts you to its arrival, followed by that irresistible aroma. It's accompanied by a plate full of rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and tomatoes, plus flour tortillas to wrap everything up in. 

In Spanish, the word "faja" means belt, and "ita" means little. The strips of grilled meat that are served on fajitas kind of resemble little belts, so that seems to be a fitting name. At Mexicali Blues, we serve strips of steak, chicken, and shrimp. The shrimp doesn…

How Salsa Began Before Mexicali Blues Famous Version

Some people enter our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant with all eyes on the menu items, others are all about the world-famous margaritas, but many customers are mainly concerned about the taste of one particular condiment on every table. Mexicali Blues salsa is such a popular item around here, we ended up bottling the stuff so that people could take a big jar of it home with them! Today, you can even find this delicious sauce on the shelves in many Missouri grocery stores. 

Salsa History

Salsa has been used as a tasty condiment for meals for a very long time. It has been traced back to the times of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas. The main ingredients in their version were tomatoes, chilies, and ground squash seeds. Aztec lords were served salsa along with dishes such as turkey, venison, lobster, and fish. 

A Spanish priest and missionary, Alonso de Molina, is credited with giving this condiment the name "salsa" in 1571, which means "sauce" in Spanish. Recipes for…

How To Pair Beer With Mexican Food

We know you're probably thinking that it's easy to pair beer with Mexican food. All you have to do is stick a lime in a Corona and call it a day right? However, other beers can really complement certain dishes extremely well and bring out unique flavors, just like a good wine pairing. If you're not sure where to start, here are some flavor combinations that can steer you in the right direction.

Bright Flavors with Light Beers

Although Mexican food is known for its hearty and spicy flavors, many dishes are also bright, vibrant and lively. Dishes that feature citrus flavors and seafood are best paired with light beers. You don't want your drink to be too heavy and wash out the light flavors of the dish. If you choose a lighter flavored beer, it will enhance the flavors of the dish. Light beers will pair well with:

Lobster Tacos - 2 fried lobster tacos with lettuce, cheese, cilantro and ranch dressing. Served with rice.

Seafood Enchilada Dinner - 2 shrimp and crab stuffed en…

Tequila Fun Facts For National Tequila Day!

July 24 is National Tequila Day, and we can't wait to celebrate with you at Mexicali Blues! It's no secret that we LOVE tequila at Lake of the Ozarks' best Mexican restaurant. Whether you're enjoying it in a shot or in one of our world famous margaritas, there is no better place to celebrate National Tequila Day than Mexicali Blues!

- Tequila is a mezcal, but mezcal is not tequila. A bit confusing, we know, but mezcal is a liquor made from the maguey plant, which is a form of agave. Mezcal can be made using a variety of agave plants, but tequila must be made using only blue agave.

- Tequila must be made of at least 51% blue agave. While mezcal can be made from 100s of different agave varieties, tequila must contain at least 51% of blue agave, and many believe it should be 100%. Tequila that isn't 100% blue agave are called mixto.

- Tequila isn't made from cactus. Many believe the agave plant is a cactus, however, it's not, it's actually part of the lily fa…

Classic Car Night At Mexicali Blues

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, classic cars fill the parking lot of Mexicali Blues for our monthly Classic Car Night. This is a great excuse to come to your favorite Mexican restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks and view some cool looking vehicles. If you have a classic car (or even if you don't), we invite you to join us July 19th for the July Classic Car Night! Here are a few reasons why you should come out.

Rad Looking Vehicles

Classic Car Night at Mexicali Blues happens on the third Wednesday of every month from 5:00 - 8:00 PM. Bring the family and enjoy a night together with delicious food, classic cars and for those of age, Happy Hour! If you happen to own one of these classic cars, make sure to bring it, as you can enjoy 20% off food that night.

The Best Mexican Food

We work hard to make sure we serve the best Mexican food at the Lake of the Ozarks. We use only the freshest ingredients in our dishes - you'll be able to taste the difference! From burritos and tacos to fa…

Find Your New Favorite Dish At Mexicali Blues

We have been serving up the best Mexican food at the Lake of the Ozarks for nearly 20 years. Over the years, we have perfected many of our dishes, making them go-to items for many people. If you're looking for a new favorite dish at Mexicali Blues, here are a few of our more popular items.

Mexicali Salad
You may not think to order a salad at a Mexican restaurant, but you'd be missing out if you don't try the Mexicali salad. Filled to the brim with mixed greens, cranberries, tomatoes, egg, candied walnuts, cheese, tortilla strips and topped with either cilantro ranch, Italian or honey mustard dressing. If you're wanting some protein, top this delicious salad with chicken or shrimp or both!

Mexi-Grille Wrap
The Mexi-Grille Wrap is basically a delicious fajita wrapped in a tortilla. With Fajita chicken, steak or shrimp, topped with sauteed onions & peppers, smothered with pepper jack cheese, what more do you want? Oh, maybe some rice and fries! Try this delicious wrap w…

The History of the Burrito

After our famous tacos and margaritas, the burrito is a favorite at our Mexican restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks. While the exact origin of the burrito is a bit hazy, there are a few interesting pieces in its long history. Mexicali Blues took a look a the possible history of this now American favorite, the burrito!

The Word Burrito In Spanish

While burritos are a fan favorite at our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant, anyone who knows a little bit of Spanish may raise an eyebrow at the name. The word "burrito" derives from the Spanish word "burro," which means donkey. "Burrito" actually means "little donkey." How did this delicious item get named after a donkey, though? For that answer, we need to dive into the history. 
The Origin Of The Name Burrito
Like many other dishes and cocktails, the history of the burrito is highly disputed. There are quite a few stories about how the burrito got its name, but little in the way of documented evid…