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Mexican Food That Made It Into the Guinness Book of World Records

Even though it feels like we serve the most tacos ever each Taco Tuesday at our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant in Osage Beach, we don't quite reach the numbers that the record-breakers below were able to achieve. Due to our infatuation with Mexican food here at Mexicali Blues, we decided to find out exactly what the Guinness Book of World Records had on file about these delicious dishes. It's pretty impressive!  

Largest Serving of Tacos
36,300 is the number of the largest serving of tacos (packaged.) This feat was achieved as a joint effort on May 26, 2017, by El Tizoncito and UberEats at Bosque de Chapultepec in Mexico City, Mexico. Altogether, that serving weighed just over 2,712 pounds and took 600 UberEats drivers to deliver.  

Largest Taco
Weighing in at 1,654 pounds was the largest taco on March 8, 2003. It was made by the city of Mexicali. (Great name!) It took about 80 people approximately 6 hours to cook this humongous taco. It measured 35.9 feet long and 33.8 inc…

A Unique & Delicious Way To Enjoy Ice Cream - Fried!

The month of July is National Ice Cream Month. You can celebrate that right here at our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant, but quite possibly in a way that you've never had ice cream before - fried! Yes, that's right, at Mexicali Blues in Osage Beach we deep-fry this ice-cold treat, but the result is not a gooey mess, but instead a delicious dessert that may become your new favorite. 

How Do They Do It?
You would naturally assume that if you drop ice cream into a deep-fryer, it's going to melt away into nothing. On the contrary, if done correctly, it's a scrumptious treat that will impress you and your friends, as well as your taste buds. 

This is done by using an extremely frozen ball of ice cream (the more solid, the better) and rolling it in cornflake crumbs and cinnamon. The cold temperature helps the ice cream to resist the heat, and the coating turns into a crisp shell surrounding the sweet goodness. The entire thing is dropped for a short period of time into th…