How Salsa Began Before Mexicali Blues Famous Version

Some people enter our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant with all eyes on the menu items, others are all about the world-famous margaritas, but many customers are mainly concerned about the taste of one particular condiment on every table. Mexicali Blues salsa is such a popular item around here, we ended up bottling the stuff so that people could take a big jar of it home with them! Today, you can even find this delicious sauce on the shelves in many Missouri grocery stores. 

Salsa History

Salsa has been used as a tasty condiment for meals for a very long time. It has been traced back to the times of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas. The main ingredients in their version were tomatoes, chilies, and ground squash seeds. Aztec lords were served salsa along with dishes such as turkey, venison, lobster, and fish. 

A Spanish priest and missionary, Alonso de Molina, is credited with giving this condiment the name "salsa" in 1571, which means "sauce" in Spanish. Recipes for salsa began showing up in cookbooks in the late 1800's. People in America began bottling what they called salsa, although it looked more like what we consider hot sauce, as early as 1916. The form of salsa that we know and love today took a huge jump in sales between 1985-1990, and is now a popular condiment that you will find in nearly every refrigerator in the U.S.A.

Our Own Recipe

Mexicali Blues opened its doors in Osage Beach in 2000, and our salsa soon became a huge hit! After many requests from loyal customers, we eventually began bottling our now famous salsa so that people could enjoy it in the comfort of their own homes, as well as share the delicious flavor with friends and family that do not live in the area.  

A few local grocery stores also began stocking Mexicali Blues salsa on their shelves, and now you can find it in over 70 grocery outlets across Missouri. It flies off the shelves so quickly, we can't bottle it fast enough! 

The best Mexican salsa from the Lake of the Ozarks is available in 16 oz. jars in three incredible flavors: Original, Salsa Verde, and "XXX" Hot. These premium salsas are made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives. The robust taste of Mexico comes out from the combination of zesty flavored ingredients such as tomato, peppers, onions, garlic, and more. Only fresh, unprocessed ingredients are used to make our amazing salsa, which is a huge reason why it tastes so darn good.   

Come In & Give Our Salsa A Try
You don't have to start with a whole jar of our salsa. (But once you taste it, you're going to want one!) Visit us at our Mexican restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks for lunch or dinner, Tuesday-Sunday, and discover the flavor when we bring your complimentary chips and salsa to the table. We've been told that it's so good, the chips aren't even necessary, just a spoon!  

Once you fall in love with Mexicali Blues salsa, you can pick up a jar right here before leaving the restaurant. Don't forget to grab a few extra bottles to share! Keeping some of our famous salsa in your kitchen is a wonderful reminder to stop by and visit us often for the best Mexican food at the Lake of the Ozarks. We can't wait to see you again!
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