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All About Our Favorite Cocktail!

At Mexicali Blues , we LOVE a nice, cold margarita - no matter the season! Cinco De Mayo is just around the corner and it's making us want to bring out the tequila and limes. At Lake of the Ozarks' best Mexican restaurant , we have a variety of different signature margaritas you can try. Let's learn more about the history of the margarita and some fun facts about our favorite drink! Who Created the Margarita? Just like with many other popular cocktails, more than one person claims to have created the first margarita.  The top contender for the creator of the margarita is Carlos “Danny” Herrera, who claimed to have invented the drink at his restaurant in Tijuana, Rancho La Gloria, around 1938. As the story goes, Herrera created the cocktail for one of his customers, Marjorie King, who was an aspiring actress. She was allergic to all hard alcohol except tequila. To make the liquor a little more pleasing, he combined the ingredients of a traditional tequila shot – salt and

The Best Tacos At The Lake

When you're looking for a delicious meal at the Lake of the Ozarks , look no further than Mexicali Blues ! We serve authentic Mexican cuisine, along with non-traditional favorites you can only find here. From fajitas and enchiladas to queso dip and tamales, you can find all your favorites at Mexicali Blues . So many of our menu items are a must try! However, one of our more popular items on the menu is our tacos. We take a look at a few fun facts about tacos, what tacos you can enjoy at Mexicali Blues and the best day to enjoy them! Fun Facts About Tacos - While the word  taco literally translates to plug a small hole, it also translates to light lunch in Mexican Spanish. - It's rumored that Ensenada, Mexico is the birthplace of the taco. - One of the first taco trucks in American began in 1966 in New York. Two housewives operated an early version of the taco truck. Although the truck did not have a full kitchen, it was available for catering. - It's said that

Take A Look At Our Menu

At Mexicali Blues, our menu is full of traditional (& non-traditional) Mexican favorites. From filling burritos and fajitas to tasty salads and tacos, there is something for everyone at Lake of the Ozarks' favorite Mexican restaurant. While we may be known for having the best tacos at the Lake of the Ozarks, our menu has so much more! Here is just a sampling of what you can enjoy the next time you visit Mexicali Blues. Appetizers Queso Fundido  - Smooth, stringy cheese dip. (Local favorite!) Chili Con Queso  - Warm melted cheese with chili pepper. Baja Dip  - White cheeses, spinach, peppers & spices. Baja Balls  - Shredded chicken mixed with our Baja Dip breaded & fried. Fajita Shrimp  - 12 Sauteed shrimp served over onions & peppers. Burritos Mexicali - Flour tortilla stuffed with refried beans & meat, smothered with enchilada sauce & cheese, then topped with lettuce, sour cream & green onions. El Zapatista - Flour tortilla filled

Welcome To Mexicali Blues' Blog!

Welcome to the new Mexicali Blues' blog! We'll feature a new blog every week to entertain our customer and keep you up-to-date with what's going on at the best Mexican restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks . Whether you're wanting a fun night out drinking margaritas with friends or wanting to enjoy the best tacos on Taco Tuesday, Mexicali Blues has you covered. Check out what all you can experience at Lake of the Ozarks' best Mexican restaurant . About Mexicali Blues Mexicali Blues Cantina & Restaurant is located in the heart of Lake of the Ozarks, in central Missouri. We have been delivering the Lake of the Ozarks' freshest and finest Mexican cuisine since 2000. Many of our menu items are a must try! So what are you waiting for? Visit Mexicali Blues today! Come in for lunch or dinner and enjoy our fresh Mexican entrees with one of our world-famous margaritas. In the spring and summer, you'll love our outdoor patio garden. In the cooler