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10 Fun "Easter Fool's Day" Pranks to Play on Your Family & Friends

This weekend, the holiday when you're expected to pull pranks on your family and friends, April Fool's Day, happens to fall on the same date as another holiday, Easter Sunday. Mexicali Blues is a place that likes to promote good times with friends and family fun, so we've used today's blog to share some Easter-themed pranks you may want to try out.  - This takes a lot of pre-planning, but will totally be worth it. Cover an uncooked egg in chocolate, wrap it in colored aluminum foil, and then wait for an unsuspecting person to take a big bite. - It seems like Marshmallow Peeps add new flavors each year. Help them out and secretly squirt a little hot sauce inside a few to share with your friends. - Unwrap small chocolate eggs that come covered in colorful foil and replace the sweets with a similarly shaped food, like grapes.  - Most chocolate bunnies, which tend to be an Easter basket staple, are hollow.  Fill up that empty space with a surprise, like ketchu

The Best Chips & Dips at the Lake of the Ozarks

March 23 has been labeled as National Chip & Dip Day. It just so happens that the best Mexican restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks not only has the crispiest, tastiest chips in town, we've also got quite a few scrumptious dips to dunk them in.   Although intended as a meal starter from our appetizer menu, chips and any one of the marvelous dips we serve at Mexicali Blues also make a great snack any time of day. If you happen to join us for Happy Hour, it's also an excellent food to enjoy along with margaritas, beer, and other cocktails. Here is a list of the taste-tempting dips you will find on our menu.    Queso Fundido This particular cheese dip is a local favorite, and once visitors to the lake area get a taste of it, they are hooked too! It's smooth and extremely stringy, so much so that you may need help getting a scoop out of the edible bowl without losing your chip!  Chili Con Queso Warm melted cheese with the addition of chili pepper. Queso Bl

3 Excellent Reasons Why You'll Love Mexicali Blues

We've been serving the freshest and best Mexican food at the Lake of the Ozarks since 2000, and we plan to keep doing that for many, many years to come. Mexicali Blues is a local favorite, as well as a popular spot for visitors to the lake area to frequent each time that they are in town. If you haven't given us a try yet, here are 3 excellent reasons why you need to put a trip to Mexicali Blues on your to-do list.   #1 - Fresh Mexican Food  We use only the freshest ingredients in every dish that we make, and you can taste the quality with just one bite! Your visit begins with freshly made tortilla chips and our homemade salsa. Our salsa is so irresistible, we've even bottled it (in Original, Salsa Verde, and XXX Hot) so you can take some with you to enjoy at home! You'll find all of your favorite classic Mexican dishes on the menu, like tacos, burritos, chimichangas, and fajitas. Each Taco Tuesday you can even get $1 tacos all day long! We also serve a wonder

A Few Fun Facts About Everyone's Favorite Food - Tacos!

Okay, we realize that tacos may not be every single person in the world's favorite food, but they're definitely in most people's top ten. Once you get a taste of the best tacos at the Lake of the Ozarks , we're willing to bet that they move even further up your list!  Here at Mexicali Blues , tacos are one of our most popular items. Today we've gathered a few interesting facts for you about this delicious dish, followed by all of the yummy ways that we can cook them up for you.  Taco Fun Facts October 4 is National Taco Day. (EVERY day at Mexicali Blues is Taco Day, and on Tuesdays, it's $1 Taco Day!) Tacos are rumored to have been invented between 1,000 and 500 B.C.  The word taco originates from the Mexican Spanish word meaning a "plug" or "wad." It is also a word used for "light lunch."  "Taqueria" is Spanish for "taco shop." The term was originally used to describe street vendors that sold

All About Our Famously Fresh Salsa

Our fresh salsa is a stable at our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant . It has quite the great reputation around town! Here at Mexicali Blues , we love our fresh and spicy salsa options. Paired with homemade tortilla chips, you can munch on our tasty salsa every time you visit. If you haven't tried it yet - you are missing out! Our salsa has become so famous, we've started bottling it to sell. There's no excuse now, time to try some delicious  Mexicali Blues salsa ! Mexicali's Famous Salsa After high demand, the restaurant began bottling their popular salsa. The 16 oz. jars include their original, “XXX” Hot and Salsa Verde, with more products to come. These products are flying off the shelves at nearly 75 grocery outlets in Missouri! The robust taste of Mexico is brought out in Mexicali Blues salsa with a combination of the zesty flavors of tomato, peppers, onions, garlic and other natural ingredients. Yes, NATURAL INGREDIENTS! There are no preservatives in