10 Fun "Easter Fool's Day" Pranks to Play on Your Family & Friends

This weekend, the holiday when you're expected to pull pranks on your family and friends, April Fool's Day, happens to fall on the same date as another holiday, Easter Sunday. Mexicali Blues is a place that likes to promote good times with friends and family fun, so we've used today's blog to share some Easter-themed pranks you may want to try out. 

- This takes a lot of pre-planning, but will totally be worth it. Cover an uncooked egg in chocolate, wrap it in colored aluminum foil, and then wait for an unsuspecting person to take a big bite.

- It seems like Marshmallow Peeps add new flavors each year. Help them out and secretly squirt a little hot sauce inside a few to share with your friends.

- Unwrap small chocolate eggs that come covered in colorful foil and replace the sweets with a similarly shaped food, like grapes. 
- Most chocolate bunnies, which tend to be an Easter basket staple, are hollow. Fill up that empty space with a surprise, like ketchup or mustard. 

- "Accidentally" forget to hide the eggs for your egg hunt. Wonder how long it will take your hunters to figure it out! 

- If you think that's too mean, go ahead and hide some plastic eggs for everyone to find, but leave them empty.

- Another option for those plastic eggs is to put the expected sweets inside but super-glue the eggs shut. 

- Start your egg hunt in the wrong place. Once everyone begins getting frustrated, conveniently remember that, oh yeah, they're in the front yard, not the backyard! 

- If your family hides hard-boiled dyed eggs instead of plastic ones, replace a few with uncooked dyed eggs. Just remember to be careful or plan for some cleanup duty.  

- Fill plastic eggs with healthy alternatives, like broccoli, mini carrots, etc... or leave just the candy wrappers, minus the candy. 

- If the Easter bunny leaves big baskets stuffed full of toys and goodies at your house every year, this "Easter Fool's Day" let eager recipients find baskets filled with practical items, like toothpaste, socks & underwear, band-aids, vitamins, etc...

Those should be enough to get your own creative pranking juices flowing. Knowing about the ideas above may save you from having one of them pulled on you too. Just make sure that all pranks pulled are in good fun so that everyone gets a good laugh out of them, even the person they are being played on. 

All of us at Mexicali Blues want to wish each of you a wonderful Easter Holiday, and a fun April Fool's Day. Be sure to come into our Mexican restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks for Taco Tuesday following the holiday weekend and tell us all about it! 

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