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3 Reasons To Visit Mexicali Blues

At Mexicali Blues, we've been serving up some of the best Mexican food at the Lake of the Ozarks for nearly 20 years! During that time, we've made a name for ourselves for having the best margaritas and the best tacos at the Lake of the Ozarks . If you still need to make your way over here (or if you just need a reminder), here are three reasons to visit Mexicali Blues. 1. The Freshest Mexican Cuisine We work hard to make sure we serve the best Mexican food at the Lake of the Ozarks . We use only the freshest ingredients in our dishes, and you are sure to taste the difference! From burritos and tacos to fajitas and tamales, no matter what Mexican entree you're craving, we've got it at Mexicali Blues. We, of course, have your traditional Mexican entrees, as well as some dishes we put a twist too. Come try something new the next time you come in and find your new favorite item! 2. Deliciously Good Margaritas You can find the best margaritas at the Lake of the

What You May Not Have Known About Tequila

At Mexicali Blues , we love a good margarita, so of course, we love tequila! Lake of the Ozarks' best Mexican restaurant features several delicious specialty cocktails that feature this spirit, so we wanted to take a closer look at the history of tequila. Here are a few things you may not have known about our favorite spirit. What Makes A Tequila, Tequila Much like bourbon, tequila distillers have a very strict set of rules they must follow. They include making sure that each bottle is made in the proper location, from the correct ingredients and that Reposado and Anejo versions are aged for the right amount of time. The Spanish Invasion While there are many theories on how the agave distillation began, but the most common theory involves the Spanish invasion and primitive mud stills. The parched Spaniards were starting to run out of their beloved brandy, so they had to improvise with mud and agave, essentially creating what is now known as mezcal. In the mid-1500s, the

Fun Facts About Lobster For Lobster Day!

June 15 is National Lobster Day and there is no better way to celebrate than with some of our famous lobster tacos! Two fried lobster tacos with lettuce, cheese, cilantro and ranch dressing served with rice. Are you hungry yet? Because it's National Lobster Day, Lake of the Ozarks' best Mexican restaurant wanted to learn a little bit more about this delicacy, so here are 9 facts you may not have known about lobster. 1. The American or Maine lobster is found in the Atlantic Ocean and has large, meat claws. Spiny lobster species, such s the California spiny have large, spiny antennae, but no large claws. 2. A lobster's nervous system is very similar to that of grasshoppers and ants, so they are often referred to as bugs. 3. The lobster's largest claw is called the crusher claw and it can exert pressure of up to 100 pounds per square inch. This claw looks like it has molars because it's used to break up anything hard like crabs, clams, mussels. The other small

What People Are Saying About Mexicali Blues!

When you're looking for authentic Mexican food at the Lake of the Ozarks , come to Mexicali Blues ! We opened our doors in 2000, and have been delivering the area's freshest and finest Mexican cuisine ever since. So many of our menu items are a must try! Don't just take our word for it, here are what other people are saying about Lake of the Ozarks' best Mexican restaurant . "I would have never thought I liked "fish tacos" of any kind until I went to Mexicali Blues and had their lobster tacos. They are the best! It's the only thing I order every time I go there plus the margaritas of course! Do yourself a favor and get the lobster tacos!!" ~ CoffeeGirl24 St. Louis, MO "We ate here today and had great food. l love seafood and the seafood enchiladas were amazing. My husband's fajitas were also great. If you go there ask for the chili con queso with added ground beef. It's fantastic" ~ TripAdvisor Member "My wife a

Pair Your Mexicali Blues Favorites With Tequila!

We've all heard that different wines tend to complement certain entrees. However, did you know that certain tequilas also pair well with different entrees? These days, the process of making tequila is just as involved as a fine wine, so why not treat it as one? The next time you enjoy a nice tequila at Mexicali Blues, here are a few entree options that will pair well. Silver Tequila Silver Tequila is also known as Blanco Tequila. It's usually a clear liquor that is made out of  100% blue agave and is not aged. Silver tequila has a strong flavor of the blue agave plant. Silver tequila is best paired with lighter flavors, such as seafood. This tequila is best paired with a first-course meal. Citrus flavorings also pair well with tequila. Here are a few suggestions off the Mexicali Blues menu: Chips & Salsa - Our homemade salsa features fresh ingredients that would bring out the true flavors of the agave. Guacamole - Our guacamole is made fresh daily with real avoca