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The Tantalizing Taco - Irresistible!

You'll find lots of delicious dishes to fall in love with when you dine at our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant . There are burritos, chimichangas, fajitas, and so many more to choose from, but there's one menu item that seems to get ordered more than any of the others. (This is especially true on Tuesdays at Mexicali Blues !) We're talking about the terrific, tasty, tantalizing TACO! Taco Tuesday For those of you that are not familiar with Mexicali Blues'  Taco Tuesday at the Lake of the Ozarks , it's a very special day every single week when we offer our amazing tacos for just $1 each. Yes, you read that correctly, just $1 EACH , and that's ALL DAY LONG every single TUESDAY!!! From the moment we open the doors at 11:30 am until we close the kitchen that evening, no matter how many tacos you order, that's the low price you pay for each one.     Tacos at Mexicali Blues You can still get the best tacos at the Lake of the Ozarks at Mexicali B

Celebrate National Tequila Day at Mexicali Blues

Next week on July 24, 2019, there is a wonderful holiday on the calendar that is perfect to celebrate at our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant & bar - National Tequila Day! We've got a wonderful selection of tequilas behind the bar at Mexicali Blues, not to mention the best margaritas at the Lake of the Ozarks .  Although a favorite, margaritas aren't the only way to enjoy tequila. Here are a few suggestions that you may want to try.  Shots  The very best way to truly taste the different delicious varieties of tequila that are available (and there are a lot of them) is to pick a bottle and order a shot. This way you can savor the experience without any other flavors getting in the way. Of course, without any mixers involved, you won't want to try too many in one sitting.  If you'd like to become a true tequila connoisseur, choose a new type to try from behind our bar each time you come in. This will take a few trips because our selection is extensive

Healthy Choices From the Menu at Mexicali Blues

Many people today are trying to watch what they eat, either to lose weight or just because they want to make healthier dining choices. It can be difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan while dining out. Our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant has a few tips for you today about some of the menu items that can help you do this.  You will find plenty of delicious dishes at Mexicali Blues  in Osage Beach that are a smart choice. When you get a little pickier about your ordering habits and substitute what you regularly ordered before with lighter items, you can stick to your plan and save the richer foods for your cheat day or a special treat. Here are a few Mexican food menu items that are a good choice when it comes to healthy eating.  SALSA The house-recipe salsa served at Mexicali Blues (in Original, Salsa Verde, and "XXX" Hot) is always made with natural ingredients with no preservatives. Those always fresh, never processed ingredients we use are much b

Add a Little Mexican Flavor to Your 4th of July at the Lake of the Ozarks

A very popular way to celebrate the 4th of July holiday is to take a vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks . Fireworks are a big part of this holiday, so we've listed a few of the local fireworks displays in today's blog that you might want to check out. You're also going to need to get out of the July heat for a while, relax, and refresh with a delicious meal. That's where Mexicali Blues comes into the picture!  Local Fireworks Displays There will be fireworks filling the sky all over the lake area over the holiday. Here are a few different displays that are scheduled. At least one of them is probably near you. You can find even more by visiting .   Thursday, July 4 The Inn at Grand Glaize - Fireworks begin at dusk - 5142 Osage Beach Pkwy, Osage Beach - 1 MM of the Grand Glaize Arm Point Randall Resort - 9:15-10:00 pm - 1584 Susan Road, Lake Ozark - 2 MM (McCoy Branch Cove) Playin' Hooky Fireworks Cruise - 8:30-10:00 pm - Departing from Mi