Mexicali Blues 2020 Season is Ending Soon - Don't Miss Out!

It's once again that time of year when Mexicali Blues Mexican Restaurant & Cantina begins preparations to close for the season. You've still got some time left to come in and enjoy the best Mexican food at the Lake of the Ozarks before that happens though. Jump in the car and make your way on over here right away!  

Last Day of the Season -
December 19

Your last chance this year to drink and dine at your favorite Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant will be on December 19. Until then, you can join us any Tuesday-Saturday beginning at 4:00 pm. To make that even more tempting, here's a quick reminder of some of the delicious reasons you need to get over here at least one more time. 

Delicious Dips

You always begin your meal at Mexicali Blues with a big bowl of freshly-made tortilla chips and our famous house recipe salsa. (Be sure to pick up enough jars while you're here to last you over the winter, plus a few to give away as gifts for the holidays!) We've also got a long list of appetizers that are simply too yummy to resist. Among these are our popular dips. 

There's the incredible guacamole that is made fresh daily, plus a variety of queso dips. Quite possibly the most popular among those is the Queso Fundido which brings quite a few return customers back! It's smooth, delicious, and most importantly, stringy! Both an appetizer and fun entertainment, all wrapped up into one! 

Tantalizing Tacos

Tacos, in general, are a simple dish but one that is practically impossible to resist! That's especially true during our weekly Taco Tuesday at the Lake of the Ozarks, when we've got some of our terrific tacos for just $1 each, all day long. 

They're a wonderful treat during the rest of the week too, and we've got a wide variety for you to choose from. In addition to tacos filled with ground beef, chicken, or steak, we also offer Lobster Tacos, Shrimp Tacos, Fish Tacos, Carnitas Tacos, Baja Shrimp Tacos, and Baja Pork Tacos. If you haven't had a taste of our specialty tacos yet, you'd better hurry on over here and give them a try!  

Marvelous Main Dishes

Although tacos are extremely popular around here, there are a whole lot of other taste-tempting dishes on the menu at Mexicali Blues to enjoy as well. You'll find classics like chimichangas, enchiladas, quesadillas, and fajitas alongside many specialties that are unique to our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant

For example, we offer a Carnita Bowl full of Carnita pork, Spanish rice, tomato, lettuce, black bean & corn salad, avocado, and chipotle sour cream. For the seafood lovers, there is also a Shrimp Bowl with chipotle honey shrimp, coconut rice, mango salad, lettuce, avocado, and black bean & corn salad. 

Our gigantic Pancho Villa Burrito is packed full of pork, chicken, AND shredded beef, plus black beans and rice, then smothered with enchilada sauce, queso blanco, AND chili con queso! As if that wasn't enough, on top of all that we add lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, and green onions! It's best to come in with a BIG appetite to tackle this amazing burrito.  

Magnificent Margaritas

You also cannot miss out on having the best margaritas at the Lake of the Ozarks at least one more time this year! The house margarita at Mexicali Blues is a local favorite but if you're looking for some exotic variations, we've got a huge menu full of margarita choices in store for you, both frozen and on the rocks. Our Dreamsicle Margarita comes highly recommended and the Tie-Dye Margarita is as delicious as it is beautiful!  

What Will You Miss Most This Winter?

Out of the entire extensive menu here at Mexicali Blues in Osage Beach, which items do you expect to miss most during our winter break? Make plans now to come in and enjoy each of those again before our 2020 season ends on December 19. Until then we are open Tuesday-Saturday beginning at 4:00 pm. Stop by soon and help us end this year on an awesome note together!
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6605 HWY 54
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