Why You Should Head to Mexicali Blues for Happy Hour

Sometimes the work week can seem to go on forever and to make your way through it to the weekend, you need a good break. The perfect way to do that is to join us for the best Happy Hour at the Lake of the Ozarks. Sure, there are lots of Happy Hours going on in the lake area, but we've got some excellent reasons why Happy Hour at Mexicali Blues every Tuesday-Friday from 4-6 pm is the one for you!
Those Marvelous Margaritas
It's hard to resist the best margaritas at the Lake of the Ozarks, and during our weekday Happy Hour, that amazing taste can be enjoyed at a discounted price! We don't limit the awesome deals to just margaritas, though. Beer drinkers will be thrilled to hear that we've got some great deals on our beers too. 

Built-In Snacks
Every time you eat lunch, dinner, or come in for drinks, you also get a big basket of our crisp tortilla chips and a bowl of our homemade salsa. Who else in town pairs their Happy Hour with a free snack? The chips are made fresh daily, and our house recipe salsa features the robust taste of Mexico brought out by a combination of the zesty flavors of tomato, peppers, onions, garlic, and other natural ingredients. (Yes, we said NATURAL INGREDIENTS!) There are no preservatives used in making this tasty treat.     

If It's a Tuesday...
Happy Hour takes place every Tuesday-Friday, but if you happen to make it in on a Tuesday, we've got a delicious added bonus for you - $1 TACOS! Taco Tuesday happens every week, all day long, featuring our amazing tacos for just $1 each. That means when you're here on Tuesday from 4-6 pm, you get an awesome deal on both our Happy Hour drinks and our tacos, plus free chips and salsa! How cool is that? 

You Deserve A Break
The biggest reason to join us for Happy Hour at our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant is that you deserve it! Life can throw some tough stuff your way occasionally, and sometimes your day-to-day can get a little monotonous. Treating yourself to some relaxing time away from it all, sipping margaritas and hanging out with your friends, makes everything, well, happier!

Let's make it a date at least once a week (but we'd love to see you more often than that) to meet up at Mexicali Blues for Happy Hour. Be sure to invite all of your friends too, and while you're here, you might even meet a few new ones. 

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