Save Room for Dessert - We've Got Sopapillas!

We spend a lot of time talking about the best Mexican food at the Lake of the Ozarks that comes out of our kitchen 6 days a week, and nearly as much time marveling about the refreshing margaritas from our bar. Today, however, we're devoting the Mexicali Blues blog to a sweet treat on the menu - sopapillas!  

It can be tough to save room for dessert when you've already enjoyed a basket full of chips with our homemade salsa and a savory meal but believe us, it's worth the effort! Our dessert menu features two incredible choices, including fried ice cream (which will get its own blog in the near future) and today's featured treat, sopapillas.  

What is a Sopapilla?
A sopapilla is a deep-fried pastry which is most often served with powdered sugar and honey or chocolate syrup. They can also be coated with cinnamon and sugar. Here at Mexicali Blues, we like to make our sopapillas even more of a treat by adding a big scoop of ice cream on top! 

Sopapilla Origins
The name comes from the Spanish "sopaipa." That word derives from the Mozarabic word "xopaipa" which means bread soaked in oil, which describes this delicacy nicely. In turn, their word came from the Germanic word "suppa" which means bread soaked in liquid. Even though New Mexico gets the credit for modern day sopapillas, these word origins demonstrate how fried bread has definitely been around for a while. 

Sopapillas are believed to have originated over 200 years ago in New Mexico. Although the delicious dish we are familiar with today was created in the United States, it's popularity spread to several South American countries. Technically, they enjoy it as a type of deep-fried bread, and similar foods had been seen in other forms previously. Dishes closely resembling sopapillas existed in both European and Middle Eastern kitchens. 

Save Room For Dessert!
Regardless of how we got to the way that our delicious sopapillas are prepared and served now, the important thing is that we have them available for you every Tuesday-Sunday in Osage Beach. We highly encourage you to save at least a little bit of room after dinner at our Lake of the Ozarks Mexican restaurant so that you can enjoy this tasty dessert.

You can share a plate with the rest of the people at your table so that everyone gets a few bites or, if you manage to save enough room, enjoy an entire plate all to yourself! As we mentioned earlier, fried ice cream is another delicious dessert possibility and many of our marvelous margaritas make a wonderful after-dinner treat too. 

Consider maybe beginning your Mexicali Blues meal with dessert first! That way, you don't have to worry about saving room! Believe us, your taste buds will thank you!
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