An Irresistible Mexican Restaurant Classic - the Chimichanga!

Our Mexican restaurant and cantina at the Lake of the Ozarks has many of your Mexican food favorites on the menu, plus a few specialties of our own. Among those classic dishes is the always appetizing chimichanga. First, we'll tell you how we serve them here at Mexicali Blues and after that, we've got some fun facts about the possible origins of this delicious dish.  

Chimichangas at Mexicali Blues
We offer chimichangas in a couple of different ways here at our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant & bar with a variety of meats to choose from. Below we've also featured another one of our other tasty meals that isn't actually a chimichanga, but kind of close! 

We take a large flour tortilla and stuff it full of meat and cheese. It is then deep-fried and topped with lettuce, sour cream, and green onions. This fantastic food is also served with a side of our savory rice and beans. If you aren't in the mood for chicken or beef, we also offer an excellent seafood version. 

Baja Chimichanga
This chimichanga is also served with rice and beans and is deep-fried like our original. The inside of this large flour tortilla is stuffed with chicken in this case and the outside is smothered with our Baja cheese dip, which is made up of white cheeses, spinach, peppers, and spices.  

Deep-Fried Burrito
Yes, we know, this is technically a burrito, not a real chimichanga, but we figured it was similar enough that you might like to hear about it too! Here we take a burrito stuffed with your choice of chicken, pork, or beef plus rice and beans, deep-fry it, and then cover it with enchilada sauce, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and green onions.  

The Origin(s) of the Chimichanga
There are a couple of different stories about how the chimichanga became the beloved dish it is today. The first possibility claims that Monica Flin from Tucson, Arizona's El Charro restaurant dropped a burrito into the deep-fryer by accident back in 1922. This made her start to curse with a Spanish word that begins with "chi..." but she quickly censored herself and instead said, "chimichanga!" which is similar to the American word "thingamajig" in Spanish.

Another tale tells that Woody Johnson claims to have created the first chimichanga in 1946 as an experiment for his restaurant, Woody's El Nido. The "deep-fried" burrito recipe that he was playing around with become a huge hit with his customers and was soon a main dish on the menu.

Others say that it originated in Mexico and immigrants to the United States brought it along with them into Arizona. In Mexico, you may hear it referred to as a "chivichanga." Regardless of how our modern-day chimichanga got its start, we're just glad that someone had the brilliant idea to create it in the first place!

Now that you know a little more about the delicious chimichanga, come and get one! Mexicali Blues in Osage Beach is open every Tuesday-Saturday beginning at 4:00 pm. Even if you're not quite in the mood for a chimi when you get here, we've got lots and lots of other amazing possibilities on the menu for you too and the marvelous margaritas to go along with them!
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