Let Mexicali Blues Help You Celebrate National Tequila Day, July 24

National Tequila Day rolls around again this year on Friday, July 24. That's perfect timing for you to get the weekend started on an exciting note with us here at Mexicali Blues in Osage Beach! The doors will open at 4:00 pm (because we always open at 4:00 pm, every Tuesday-Saturday) and our Mexican restaurant & cantina at the Lake of the Ozarks has a wide variety of tequilas and margaritas to get the celebration started off right!

Tequila 101
To properly celebrate this lovely liquor, you might want to know a little more about it besides the fact that it makes a great margarita. For example:

  • There are 5 types of tequila
    • Blanco - Also may be labeled as silver, plata, white, or platinum, this tequila is the Blue Agave spirit in its purest form, clear and if it is aged, it's no more than 2 months.
    • Joven - Also called gold, in most cases these are a Mixto because colorants and flavorings are added. 
    • Reposado - Stored in wooden barrels or storage tanks from 2-11 months and have a golden color from the wood it is stored in. 
    • Anejo - This extra-aged Amber-colored tequila is kept in barrels no larger than 600 liters for a year or more. 
    • Extra Anejo - This ultra-aged tequila has only been around since 2006. It is generally a dark, mahogany color, is aged for more than 3 years, and must be diluted with distilled water before bottling due to the high alcohol content. 
  • Tequila does not come from a cactus.
    The blue agave plant that tequila is made from looks a lot like a cactus but it is actually a member of the lily family. More specifically broken down into subfamilies, it is classified as a plant of the asparagus family. 
  • True tequila only comes from Mexico.
    Specifically, to be considered authentic tequila it must come from a delineated part of Mexico that is centered in the state of Jalisco. Any "tequila" made outside of these designated areas is technically considered an agave spirit. 
  • Not all tequilas taste the same.
    The taste of tequila can range from sweet and vegetal to rich, oaky, and spiced. Depending on how it is prepared and what type of wood it is aged in, a wide variety of flavors are possible. 
  • You should sip tequila.
    Although it is most often enjoyed as a shot in the United States, you cannot truly savor the many delicious nuances of tequila this way. Drinking it slowly from a snifter or wine glass allows you to pick up on the aroma first, and the combination of scent and taste makes the drinking experience more well-rounded and enjoyable. 

Shots or Drinks?
How do you prefer to enjoy tequila? We've got an extensive selection of different types of tequila behind the bar at Mexicali Blues to enjoy as a shot (or sip rather, if you take the advice from above) or that can be used to create the many different types of margaritas we offer. When it comes to margaritas, our house version is one of the best margaritas at the Lake of the Ozarks but we didn't stop mixing after that one was perfected!  

Our Dreamsicle Margarita is extremely unique and incredibly tasty. Also considered one-of-a-kind is our specialty Tie-Dye Margarita made with a mixture of frozen flavors that please both the eyes and the taste buds. 

We offer 9 different flavors of frozen margaritas alone. If you like yours on the rocks, we've got way more than just 9 different types for you to choose from, and don't be surprised if we come up with another new one before you get here!

If you can join us at Mexicali Blues on Friday, July 24, we'd love to celebrate this year's National Tequila Day along with you. Of course, if you don't make it by then, we'll just have to celebrate the next time you do come in for a plate full of the best Mexican food a the Lake of the Ozarks and a taste (or two) of one of our many amazing tequilas. 

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